2140 Bellmore Ave​.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. John Giugliano

Additional Spinal Conditions Treated By Dr. John Giugliano:

  • Herniated/Bulging Discs 

  • Cervical & Lumbar (Neck & Back) Pain           

  • Sciatica                                                                                                

  • Post traumatic Sprains/Strains                                                      

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

  • Joint Disease

  • Occupational Back & Neck Injuries          

  • Narrowing of the Spinal Canal

  • Repetitive Overuse Injuries                

  • Sports Related Back Injury/Pain 

  • Work related injuries

  • Auto accident related Injuries

  • Cancer Treatment:

    • Chiropractic care is one emerging area in which patients with certain aggressive malignancies, including  malignant mesothelioma, have introduced into formal and traditional treatment regimens.


Phone:               (516) 679-3100

​Fax:                    (516) 679-7718

Email:                 info@drjohngiugliano.com

Dr. Giugliano completed his pre-med studies receiving his Bachelors degree in Science. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic as well as a Certification in Clinical Orthopedics. He is both Nationally Board Certified as well as Board certified in the State of New York. Dr. Giugliano is one of the first chiropractors on Long Island to be certified in Manipulation under Anesthesia (MUA). He is part of the medical staff in the Orthopedic Surgery Department of North Shore Hospital in Glen Cove, which is considered the "jewel" of the North Shore/Long Island Jewish Systems orthopedic program. In addition, he is a member of the medical staff at the Melville Surgical Center (formally the Long Island Surgicenter), as well as a member of the North American Spine Society and the National Academy of MUA Physicians. He possesses a tremendous amount of experience within the health industry, specifically in the fields of sports injury and physical medicine. 

Bellmore, NY 11710

Sports Injuries: Many male and female athletes come to our office to improve their game and their overall well being. These athletes range from the very young to accomplished professionals. They can be at the entry level of a particular sport or a professional who is paid to play. Treatment plans based upon comprehensive exams are recommended and instituted accordingly. Should a medical specialist be needed to co-manage a case, as members of the Medical Staff, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, North Shore University Hospital at Glen Cove - comprehensive care is assured. Chiropractic is now a part of the sports-medicine program of the US Olympic Committee. 

Pregnancy: Over the years many pregnant women have been referred to Dr. Giugliano by their gynecologist (OBGYN specialist) for management of their spine/leg pain, headache, pubic/pelvic pain. Since pregnant women are not able to take prescription medication, many OBGYN specialists have turned to conservative chiropractic care during this time of need. Chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy. Dr. John Giugliano has many years of experience treating pregnant women with outstanding results.


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2140 Bellmore Avenue
Bellmore, NY 11710


MEADOWBROOK PKWY South , Merge onto NY-27 East/East SUNRISE HWY via EXIT M8 East toward MERRICK.  2.6 mi Turn LEFT onto BELLMORE AVE. 0.1 mi  2140 BELLMORE AVE is on the LEFT. GELLAR DENTAL BUILDING.  Our entrance is on the left side of the building. 

135 South/SEAFORD-OYSTER BAY EXPY South toward SEAFORD àMerge onto SUNRISE HWY/NY-27 W via EXIT 2W toward NEW YORK  1.7 mi Turn RIGHT onto BELLMORE AVE.  2140 BELLMORE AVE is on the LEFT, GELLAR DENTAL BUILDING.  Our entrance is on the left side of the building.

WANTAGH PKWY South via EXIT 27S toward JONES BEACH. Merge onto SUNRISE HWY/NY-27 W via EXIT W5 W toward NEW YORK. 0.6 mi Turn RIGHT onto BELLMORE AVE. 0.1 mi 2140 BELLMORE AVE is on the LEFT, GELLAR DENTAL BUILDING.  Our entrance is on the left side of the building.


Parking is available in the large, 98 spot, municipal lot adjacent to the office.  There are walkways connecting the municipal lot and our small handicapped lot.  Handicapped patient, with handicapped stickers, may park directly in the office lot. 


Monday:          9am - 1pm          4pm - 8pm

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Conditions Treated By Dr. John Giugliano: