In the last two decades, the emphasis regarding manipulation in osteopathic education has greatly decreased. Therefore, the osteopaths that had been adequately trained in manipulation are coming to the close of their careers or have retired. Because of the need for continuance of this procedure, the focus for the performance of spinal manipulation under anesthesia has now shifted to chiropractors and their expertise in spinal manipulation skills.

Indication For Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Spinal manipulation under anesthesia is a procedure that is intended for patients that suffer from sometimes acute, but mostly chronic musculoskeletal disorders in conjunction with biomechanical aberrancies. These individuals have also been unresponsive to previous conservative therapy. Etiology of their pain can be disc bulge/herniation, chronic sprain/strain, failed back surgery, myofacial pain syndromes in conjunction with those listed below. The procedure is extremely beneficial for the patient that has muscle spasm accompanied with pain and terminal joint range of motion loss. These types of patients typically respond well to manipulation/physical therapy/exercise, but their relief may only be temporary (days to weeks). To ensure good results with a procedure of this type, one of the most important considerations is patient selection. 

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He is part of the medical staff in the Orthopedic Surgery Department of North Shore Hospital in Glen Cove, which is considered the "jewel" of the North Shore/Long Island Jewish Systems orthopedic program.

In addition, he is a member of the medical staff at the Melville Surgical Center (formally the Long Island Surgicenter), as well as a member of the North American Spine Society and the National Academy of MUA Physicians. He possesses a tremendous amount of experience within the health industry, specifically in the fields of sports injury and physical medicine. 

Dr. John Giugliano

Dr. Giugliano completed his pre-med studies receiving his Bachelors degree in Science. He obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic as well as a Certification in Clinical Orthopedics.

He is both Nationally Board Certified as well as Board certified in the State of New York.

Dr. Giugliano is one of the first chiropractors on Long Island to be certified in Manipulation under Anesthesia (MUA).

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MUA Is A Non-Surgical Solution To Back Pain Where Standard Chiropractic Manipulations Had Minimal Results.

A Conservative Treatment Alternative For Patients With Chronic Pain

Spinal manipulation under anesthesia is a procedure that primarily originated with the osteopathic profession and has been utilized for the treatment of spinal pain since the late 1930s. Documentation regarding the success and value of manipulation under anesthesia has been recorded in the osteopathic literature since 1948 when Clybourne reported in the Journal of American Osteopath Association a success rate of 80-90% which has been maintained to this day.